About us



Our company was established in March, 2001. From the beginning we were dealing with complex supplying components and servicing materials to refrigeration and air-condition servicing companies. Our offer is focused on famous and appreciated on the market of suppliers of refrigeration equipment and materials, such as: Bitzer (aggregates and compressors), Danfoss (automatic control engineering for refrigeration systems, as well as aggregates and compressors ), Copeland (aggregates and compressors), Castel (automatic control engineering for refrigeration systems), Rivacold (condensing units), Refco (measuring instruments and hand tools), Value (recovery stations and vacuum pumps), Perkeo (welding equipment), Maxa (chillers), Isoclima (refrigeration tubes), Solvay (refrigeration gases), etc.

            The young and experienced experts in the branch allow us to undertake activities purposed to satisfy expectations of our customers. Customization and constant improvement of professional skills provide us predominance over the competition. Moreover we do not forget about servicing companies with which we cooperate throughout the country. Just for them we also organize trainings and courses to make their activities as high level as possible.